Politics in the Pub at The Rising Sun

Tonight, I held my first session of Politics in the Pub in The Rising Sun.

It was great to meet with local residents and talk about the issues that matter most to them. 

Here is a summary of what was discussed...

Unfair fees in shared ownership homes

This is a widespread problem that must be tackled and I will be writing to our Housing Minister to raise awareness of this problem and find ways to tackle it

Rising crime and feeling unsafe

Crime has noticeably increased in the area and respect for the law has eroded. Residents feel unsafe and want crime tackled. I will be asking the local police to join a residents meeti to discuss how they are tackling crime.

Residents’ parking

People were sold homes without being made aware they they would not be able to claim residents’ parking permits. Many are shift workers who worry about walking in the night with high levels of crime.

Runway 3 and the jobs that go with it

I met with Heathrow last week to discuss Runway 3 and see an opportunity to change the way in which slots are allocated and reserved to deter/prevent ghost flights and low occupancy flights. Meaning that more people will travel through Heathrow without the need for more flights. Let’s protect the economy and environment—both are important.


It is clear that people are fed up with dither and delay on Brexit and want Parliament to get on with delivering the good deal Boris has negotiated. They wanted to know if I was fully behind Boris Johnson and the need to deliver Brexit with or without a deal—yes I am!

If you would like to join my next Politics in the Pub session, I will be in The Hare & Hounds on Wyke Green, next Thursday 31st October from 7pm. All are welcome!