£1bn For Local Builders To Build New Homes

Today the new Conservative government are announcing £1 billion in finance to support local building firms – so that they can get on with building the new homes that their communities need.

Millions of pounds in new loans will help small to medium size builders in England to get building - so we can respond to the country's demand for new homes.

The British Business Bank’s ENABLE Build Programme will shortly begin guaranteeing millions in new loans for local, independent construction businesses to deliver these new homes – giving everyday lenders the confidence needed to do deals with smaller builders.

This Programme will help us deliver on our manifesto commitment of at least a million new homes over the next five years – supporting local business while ensuring that we are building the homes that people need.

"Building affordable new homes that blend into existing communities is an issue I feel strongly about as someone who is trying to get on to the property ladder. The added bonus of us supporting local independent builders is even better! It is so important that we find ways to support smaller businesses instead of making larger businesses our de facto partner. The end wealth in local businesses stay in local economies and that is how we ensure all communities prosper and grow."